TEMPLE OF BRILLIANCE – an Omnio Learning Centre.

We offer Preconception and Prenatal Programmes and packages of Omnio Future. Omnio Future is an organisation which has created programmes and products blending new sciences with ancient wisdom. The product of such fusion has led to the development of Prenatal and Preconception Education programmes and props through Omnio Future, which are now available through Omnio Learning Centres. Our programmes cover the GOLDEN PERIOD OF HUMAN LIFE – 1100 days from Preconception, Pregnancy and Infancy. [Before Birth up to 2 Years of Age]


Your baby in the womb can learn!

Infants are mind readers!

Scientific studies have proved that babies can learn millions of times faster than adults!

Our ancient scriptures give huge importance to prenatal and infant development!

The science in our scriptures are being explored in modern sciences of the Womb!

Prenatal Education is now a Global Movement!

What happens in the womb defines the entire life of your child!

Parents world-wide are learning to invite a baby into their life!





Rishis, the ancient seers of India, prescribed a set of 16 actions called Samskaras to be undertaken at critical points in the course of human life.

Nine of these, including three before physical birth, are to be completed before a child reaches 2 years of age. This period maps completely to the Golden period of 1100 days.

There is a Golden Period in the life of every Human Being comprising of the period of Preconception, nine months of Pregnancy and two years of Infancy. This period is now extolled World Wide.

Our seers have expounded and simplified the understanding of Human Development through the concept of Sanskaras.  These are milestones that give guidance on the psychology, education and many other paradigms of development during the particular stage.

Sanskaras in a simple and spiritual way creates an understanding of the cycle of interdependence, dependence and interdependence. In each phase, between the Sanskaras, lies a redefinition of Human and Universal relationships. Performing Sanskaras for others is a Divine responsibility of every Bharatheeya and is taken up with sincerity by the society.

During Infancy and Childhood parents, family and society influence the human being who grows on to become an influencing adult. The transition stages defines Character, Personality and Individuality of a human being. The celebrations and traditions differ from community to community as also within the same culture. However, the Sanskaras represent genetic threshold points where the Mind is mellowed and the subconscious is receptive to inputs.


Womb Workshops



WOMB MANDALA – Colour Therapy

WOMB HEART – Heart Intelligence

WOMB MATH – Math Meditation

WOMB SCIENCE – Thinking Skills

WOMB ART – Art Therapy

WOMB READING – Spiritual Education

WOMB CONVERSATION – Communication with Baby

WOMB PLAY – Bonding and relationship building


A time of Blessings…Grace and immense Energy Flow. This is the perfect time to build a strong foundation for your child’s life. It is also a time to relax, meditate, live consciously, empower your baby and invite it to join your family.

 With the right books and the right technique to read to your baby , you can begin creating a relationship of love and harmony with your unborn child.

It is possible to teach your baby playing, learning, socialising, interacting, conversing and peaceful living even while in the womb or even as you invite the baby into your womb!!!

In Utero reading

It is never too early to Read to your Baby in the Womb!!!

Benefits of reading to your baby in the womb include parent- child bonding, stress relief, subconscious construction and enhancing learning potential and health of the baby.  If you are interested in finding how and what should be read to your baby in the Womb, we have the perfect package for you. Our in-utero reading material has 400 verses that crystallise the entire essence of our scriptures, presented to you in simple keywords and sentences in English. The activity is enjoyable by both parents and empowers the baby. These specially designed Omnio Cards can be used after birth up to 2 years through Flash Card Methodology and can be arranged as a book for your child as it learns to read. Indeed, spiritual education for life!!!


EMBED Campaign

……..A social initiative of Omnio Future & TEMPLE OF BRILLIANCE.


Prenatal and Perinatal education forms the foundation upon which the learning framework of a child gets constructed. 

What happens in the critical period of Preconception, Pregnancy and Infancy defines the course of lifetime events for a Human Being. 

Till recently, these facts were either less known or unknown. However, research and advancement in prenatal and perinatal sciences has brought forth a new understanding on learning and development of children. It is now established that the period of 1100 days [3 months before conception, 9 months of pregnancy and 2 years of infancy] forms the definition of life.

A less known fact is that, these were common knowledge in ancient cultures and have been expounded in various scriptures. In present times, this awareness is a dire need for parents in particular and society in general.

TEMPLE OF BRILLIANCE along with Omnio Future has taken up the cause of bringing together members of the society, aiming for a better future by empowering parents and future generations. We intend to achieve this by reaching out to at least a million babies through their parents.