Garbha Jyoti

Our Future Citizens are in the Womb! Empowering prenates and infants is our duty and responsibility. Do join us as a:


To participate in the Garbha Jyothi Celebration event or act as information providers, organisers or coordinators for such events in future


To sustain and continue the process with Pregnant women on a regular basis to enhance the beneficial effects to the mother and child in womb, through pregnancy and infancy. Shivanetra Trust will train you to handle these processes. NGO volunteers and Anganwadi/Health workers would be good candidates; but anybody with interest could join!


 Who wishes to adopt Garbha Jyothi methodology for Groups of women. These groups would be initiated into Prenatal empowerment as stated above. The sponsorship includes cost for the entire process including the Group Event, Activities, Training, Providing Materials and Supplements