Temple of Brilliance is guided by spiritual knowledge in all its activities. Our emphasis is on the Golden period of human Development ; a period that starts before Conception, through Pregnancy and Infancy and reaches its zenith in Early Childhood. In order to empower children in this period, it is essential to be equipped with spiritual knowledge of the human construct and process of learning.


Shivanetra Trust is a knowledge providing body, specially for spiritual knowledge. Omnio Future is an organization that has developed products and programmes based on the knowledge source of Shivanetra Trust.  In the Omnio Future organization, there is a fusion of ideas from Modern Science and Ancient Wisdom, and using this fusion, the concept of a Omnio Learning Center (OLC) has been created. OLC is based on a new and unique concept called “Quantum Learning”.


Quantum Learning points to the possibility –  that potential to learn which lies within each one of us.  In this human form, in this birth, the maximum potential that we can reach is a good thing to aim for. At the end of the day, that’s what we want for ourselves, for our children, for society.  When that happens we reach a good  place. We seem to have a natural feeling to go towards that perfection.

Awakening the possibility of maximum absorption within us is what is called Quantum Learning.


The younger the learner is, the more impressionable he or she is. This is why, during the nine months of pregnancy, the child can learn from the mother’s mind while inside the womb. Quantum Learning starts there and the possibilities are enhanced all through Infancy, Early Childhood up to Adulthood.


Temple of Brilliance [TOB] is an Omnio Learning Centre and a platform where parents and children are empowered. We stand for a truly futuristic education system that can holistically provide for the development of a child.